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Kathleen Ruane Leedy
Mediation/Training/Consulting Services!

Mediation can unlock the deadlocks allowing people to have issue solving conversations and craft agreements!


Highly trained

My training started in 2009 in the Justice Center of Atlanta, Inc. one of the original Mediation centers in the country, and ended in the Center for Dialogue and Resolution in Tacoma, WA, 2016.  I have since compiled over 300 hours in three states in Civil, Elder, Family, and Divorce Mediation, and over 250 cases in court and private practice on both coasts.

I also train Mediators on site in Small Claims and Housing, and teach the Basic Mediation course required by most states for Mediators-to-be.  This gives me the advantage of being familiar with a variety of multiple strategies to truly be successful with people coming to lasting agreements.

High Agreement Rate

Simply stated a high agreement rate sends people into their lives with new "do differents" of handling situations more successfully. Often times conflicts happen due to "others" actions but consequences still need remedied.  The Mediation Table has room for all the issues good, bad, and the ugly.  The process will clarify, not condemn, often be thankful, and celebrating the successes along the way!  Conflict is meant to move us forward differently not to sink us.

Life can be daunting, so let's fix it, and move on!  

Mediation Impacts Lives

Mediation at its core is about clarity and agreement. The principles include confidentiality, being voluntary, neutrality, informed consent, and self-determination. The Mediation Table is not a place to be scolded and judged.  It is a venue that offers opportunities for gut wrenching honesty, pragmatic thinking, new beginnings, redefining the past etc.  The Mediation table has an appreciation for the fact that life often times twists and turns causing conflicts.

The highly confidential Mediation Process is a safe place to unwind and rewind the issues to an agreement.


Teen Mediations

I was a high school teacher for 21 years and helped launch a Peer Mediation group in 1992.  Teens struggle to be heard and those of us who care for teens want all the best for them with appropriate guidelines in place.  Speaking each others' language safely with words not emotionally charged and over critical, clarity, and action steps are often what is needed to change the conflicts into peace between the generations.

Divorce Mediations

Splitting of a union with all the pending issues needing to be unlocked and resolved in a Divorce and/or Court Modification actions like Child Support/ Parenting Time may be necessary and painful.  The saying the "heart doesn't rip even" is truly expressed here.  In most states now one person can quickly pursue a divorce, leaving consequences for the other, a must to navigate!  One step at a time the divorce process can unfold and be accomplished.  Each divorce is unique and can reach an agreement at the Mediation table.


Business/Civil interests often are high stakes, high tension and money is the primary focus.  Behind the dollars and cents demands are the hidden issues that have caused the collapse of common interests. The clarity that Mediation brings to this climate is agreeability and attention to details, thus providing the opportunity that good contracts can bring back or make good friends.

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